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Hyosung Atm Errors


Test Modem. Check UPS. Remove foreign objects on 2 Cassette Clutch Encoder Slit.4. Check Cash Dispenser EP ROM Version or specification 4003AWhen more than 5 sheets of cash dispensing is required during a test1. http://bookmarq.net/error-code/hyosung-atm-error-code-3-d1500-00.php

If error occurs when checking the CS31A (4 CST FM B/D CN3) disconnection operation, replace a sensor. 972210000Invalid Field1. Check if there is dusts or foreign objects around CS56 sensor and remove them3. Reconfigure denomination. 2. Axxx2 Thermal printer is overheated - during operation If this error occurs during the printing of a long journal, then allow the printer to cool and try again. http://www.cordfinancial.com/support-center/atm-error-codes/nautilus-hyosung-atm-error-codes/

Hyosung Error Code 97999

Code reported by host processor. Remove foreign objects in the shutter unit.2. Call your attendant. 97221E5 Invalid Field (This Field’s width is 0) 1. D00AC00 Invalid data received from the host (MAC data mismatch) Check the transaction from the host.

NOTE: Do NOT use metal objects to clear jams, use a business card or stiff paper. Check a jammed note in 3 Cassette or remount it 4. Loose belts can slip off rollers and block sensors. 24B15 CDU detects bills prior to dispensing This means that while the ATM was initializing it detected a blocked sensor in the Hyosung 1800 Error Codes Remove dust in CS13 Sensor 4.

Reboot ATM 2. Hyosung Error Code 97999(04) Remove jammed notes on CDU return path 2. Remove a dust on the CS13 sensor 4005600Abnormal operation of the gate solenoid during dispense operation.1. browse this site Clean solenoid shaft if possible. 2111700 SPR connector is not connected upon initializing SPR.

Check CS21A Sensor Cable 3. Hyosung 2700 Error Codes Remove dust in CS21AB, CS31AB, CS41AB CS11AB Sensor4. Check notes dispensed and rejected. 2. Reboot ATM 9721123Unrecoverable Error1.

Hyosung Error Code 97999(04)

Remove a jammed note between the tray and Cash Dispenser. 2. https://www.nasatm.com/error_codes/P650/ Contact telephone company. Hyosung Error Code 97999 Check bill jam or no note in cassette #12. Hyosung Epp Error Replace the Cash Dispenser B/D. 4005500 Timeout due to note’s length error passed through the CS13 during dispense operation 1.

Check the status of Near End sensor and its connector 2010800Receipt paper cuttimg error1. Remove dust in CS13 Sensor. 4. Reinstall software3. C0042 Note jam Check for notes in the Cash Dispenser. Epp Error Atm

  1. Fill cash and set the number of bills. -- In Low currency enable mode:2.
  2. Contact to host and phone company.
  3. Remove a jammed note in 1 Cassette.2.
  4. Replace hard disk drive 9719000Failed to execute an extra command in the status of Cash Unit Exchange1.

C0011 CDU sensor is tripped This indicates that during a dispense, the sensor located at the front of the CDU shows a blockage (CS13 or CS2). Contact telephone company. Call your attendant. 97921XX DEV_JPR FATALERROR (WARNING) 1. this contact form Inspect the cassette detection microswitch.

Check Index of notes4. Hyosung Tech Support Check the status of sensor and its connector. 2080500 Receipt paper setting error 1. Change CS5_1 Sensor 4003500 Error two sheets detecting sensor (CS5_2) for initializing (Cash Dispenser) 1.

Check if Dip switch #6 is correctly set (Dip switch #6 is set by On in case of not using Black mark). 2010A00 The size of image print data is abnormal

D000800 INELIGIBLE TRANSACTION Transaction was denied by host. Reboot ATM. 2. Reboot ATM. 2. Hyosung Error Code 9799904 Remove the remaining notes at a sensor in front of the CST2.

Read the CDU version to check CDU CST note index2. Check if printer head lever is properly close 2080900No sensing black mark (dark sensor)1. D009E00 FS out (after retrieval reference number) Check the transaction from the host. Check dust in Main Motor Encoder Slit. 4.

Reinstall software 3. Read data of ‘Read Double Sensor’ Command. 4003800 Error in checking SRAM 4003900 Gate operation sensor (CS3) error before initial recovery 1.

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