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Ibm Error S213


S112 - INVALID INPUT WAS PASSED TO SVC 18 BY THE BLDL OR FIND MACRO. ALTERNATIVELY, BFTEK=A WAS SPECIFIED WITH MACRF=GM OR MACRF=PM. S013 - 14 - AN OPEN MACRO WAS ISSUED WITH OUTPUT OR OUTIN SPECIFIED. This error may be due to a previous abnormal termination associated with the same tape since it was last mounted, possibly in a previous job or step, leaving the tape positioned

U0064 Archived or inactive GDG. Compare the DCB attributes in the program with the JCL and the data set label. U3303 Database stopped. S001-01 An I/O error occurred during BDAM create, BSAM, BISAM, QSAM, or BDAM and no SYNAD exit was specified by the user. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=isg3T1010622

Iec143i 213-04

S013 - 24 - AN OPEN WAS ISSUED WITH INPUT, INOUT, RDBACK, OR UPDAT SPECIFIED, BUT THE DCB MACRF DID NOT SPECIFY EXCP, GET, OR READ. Generated as NL, tried to read as SL. In the name of God, go!" -- what I say to a junior programmer at least once a day Akatsukami Global moderator Posts: 1004Joined: Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:31 amLocation:

A write macro was issued causing a secondary extent to be obtained. A secondary allocation was not specified, and all of the primary space had been used. 2. S106-0D The control program found an invalid record type in the load module S106-0E The control program found an invalid address in the load module S106-0F An uncorrectable input/output error occurred. pavelbely Posts: 6Joined: Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:21 pmLocation: Belarus, Minsk Hasthanked: 0 time Beenthanked: 0 time Top Re: When REORG TABLESPACE getting ABEND=S213 by Akatsukami » Thu Mar 15,

An attempt was made to reference an input/output area, but no open or read had occurred for the data set. 4. Iec143i 213-30 S002 - 7C - POINT DETECTED THAT INFORMATION CONCERNING THE MEMBER BEING ACCESSED IS NOT FOUND IN THE PACB. PROCESSING CONTINUES FOR OTHER DCBS OPENED. U0999 SYNCSORT - I/O error has occurred.

S240-08 A RDJFCB macro instruction was issued, but no EXLST address was found in the DCB. Check for and fix program logic error causing a loop. S002 DCB had the wrong block size, IEHMOVE-attempt to rename dataset when new name already exists, wrong RECORD format specified in JCL. The DEBCHK VERIFY service failed for the DCB. 58The I/O control blocks are invalid. 64Too many READ or WRITE operations were attempted without a CHECK operation. 80The POINT position is invalid.

  1. The reason code is set to 01. 0C2 A Program Check Interrupt for a Privileged Operation Exception occurred.
  2. S233-20 The user supplied a DCB address and the DCB is not open, or the DCB address is invalid.
  3. SF37 Hardware error.

Iec143i 213-30

SB14-10 An I/O error occurred trying to update the directory of the partitioned dataset. http://ibmmainframes.com/about20778.html There was a hardware malfunction. Iec143i 213-04 S240 An error occurred during execution of a RDJFCB macro. S213 Abend In Mainframe A group move overlaid a numeric field with non-numeric data. 7.

The SP parameter was specified but the virtual storage area to be released was not within subpool zero. S637-0C Concatenation of datasets with unlike attributes was detected, but not specified in the DCB. S002-1C The error was issued for a record larger than the track capacity, and the record format does not use the track overflow feature. Ask the operator to reply 'U' or specify another volume serial. Abend S213 Reason 30

S013 - A4 - A DCB WAS OPENED FOR A SYSIN OR SYSOUT DATASET BUT THE DSORG WAS NOT SPECIFIED AS PS. When the dataset is out of secondary extended space, or even the the 15 secondary extended volume provided to you for each primary extended space is used up. S013 - 10 - AN OPEN MACRO WAS ISSUED FOR A NULL DATASET AND BLKSIZE AND BUFL ARE BOTH 0. S0F0 - AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE PROCESSING A MACHINE CHECK INTERRUPTION.

THIS IS A NO-NO. S013 - CC - SETPRT PROCESSING FAILED TO SET UP THE DEVICE DURING AN OPEN FOR THE IBM 3800 PRINTING SUBSYSTEM. The volume accessability byte (offset X'OA') in the volume label is not blank.

A POINT was attempted on an output data set or load library.

This is DDL that I ran first. Change the JCL to request that the data set be created on a volume with more space. Used DD DUMMY with logic that moves high values to FD 10. This instruction is not valid in OS/VS2 (since Release 2).

S306-04 The requested program was not found in the indicated source. U0502 FDRDSF - Input control statement error. S04C - THE TERMINAL MONITOR PROGRAM (TMP) WAS INVOKED AT ENTRY POINT IKJEFT1A AND THE TMP DETACHED A PROGRAM THAT COMPLETED WITH A NON-ZERO COMPLETION CODE (WHICH IS IN REGISTER 15). Specify a BLKSIZE that matches the program DCB information.

S100 - A DEVICE TO BE USED WAS NOT OPERATIONAL OR A PSEUDO DEVICE PREVIOUSLY ALLOCATED HAS BEEN REALLOCATED. S002-20 The error occurred during the creation of a direct dataset. Job 2 reads old data, new data after last close. S027 - AN ABNORMAL TERMINATION OCCURRED IN PRINT SERVICES FACILITY.

There was a conflict between the program and the JCL data set organization. 2. SUGGESTION: Restart using IMSRM. The file-control select clause was missing for the data set that was being processed. S013-28 An OPEN macro was issued with output or outin specified, but the DCB MACRF did not specify EXCP, PUT, or WRITE.

EITHER NO SYNAD ROUTINE WAS PROVIDED TO HANDLE THE ERROR, OR DCB=EROPT=ABE WAS SPECIFIED OR DEFAULTED. ***IF THE REGISTER 15 RETURN CODE IS AVAILABLE, SUPPLY IT IN THE*** ***S001 OPERAND FOR Before the DEB pointer can be added to the table, the DEB itself must be queued on the current TCB DEB chain. See message TCS012I. 18The ADDR parameter is invalid. Determine how many volumes the data set spans, and request the appropriate volume.

Sensing for a file protection ring. Incomplete DCB for SORTIN file. A program loop containing an arithmetic instruction caused an invalid result. CHECK THE JOB LOG LISTING FOR MORE INFO.

Module not found or I/O error during directory search.

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