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Page 85: Removing The Cable Guide Arm Assembly Updated July 14, 2008 Figure 58. Carefully remove the fan connector from the card. 5. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Figure 36.

Lift to remove. If you cannot solve the problem, contact a trained service technician. v An interface to the POS USB subsystem. Page 103 Assembly 1: (continued) Updated July 14, 2008 Asm– Part Index Number Units Description 1– The following cover assemblies include the modesty cover: –1 23K8005 1 Narrow top cover assembly;

Press down to unlock each latch and then lift upward on the heat sink ( M ) to remove. Introducing the SurePOS 700 Models The IBM SurePOS 720 are offered in a wide footprint and a narrow footprint. Page 72: Removing The Planar Updated July 14, 2008 Removing the planar 1. Follow the instructions in “Removing the covers” on page 29 to remove the front bezel and top cover. 2.

  • Page 130: Flat Panel Displays, Monitors And Workstations, Trademarks Trademarks The following are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries, or both: AnyPlace Kiosk(tm) AnyPlace
  • Removing the UPS battery 2.
  • Page 27: Power, Power Switch Operation Updated July 14, 2008 Power Attention Hot plugging of powered USB devices is not supported.
  • See “Configuration switches”...

Page 28: Uninterruptible Power Supply (optional), Battery Life, Input Voltage Updated July 14, 2008 system. Page 102: Assembly 1: Models 721, 741 And 781 Updated July 14, 2008 Assembly 1: Models 721, 741 and 781 See Line Cord Assemblies Storm Gray Iron Gray Litho Gray SurePOS die Abschirmung zu der industriellen Störquelle zu vergröβern.″ Anmerkung: Um die Einhaltung des EMVG sicherzustellen sind die Geräte, wie in den IBM Handbüchern angegeben, zu installieren und zu betreiben. Questions on the capabilities of non-IBM products should be addressed to the suppliers of those products.

Page 22: Connectors The SurePOS models support both the RS-485 POS I/O (4694 family), as well as the powered USB I/O, (IBM SurePOS 700 family). Fold the cable guide arms so that the screw heads are adjacent to each other. Top plate screws 2. Follow the instructions in “Removing the covers” on page 29 to remove the front bezel and top cover. 2.

Page 31: Features And Options SurePOS SurePOS 740, SurePOS 780, SurePOS 780, Model 4800-721 720, Model 740, Model Model 4800-742 Model Model Attribute 4800-722 4800-741 4800-781 4800-782 ® ® VIA C3 Figure 27. See Figure 25 on page 37 and note that the end connector is the master connector, which is black, and should always be plugged into the master hard disk drive. Positioning the cable guide arm assembly 5.

Ethernet 3. Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility Search S-Config - Main Menu HomeFAQCellar DoorRSSSite Map ART Finished Artwork.Gallery Mode FinishedBlog Rear icons and definitions Icon → Definition Icon → Definition Mouse Display ® IBM PS/2 compatible Ethernet local area keyboard network (LAN) Printer USB (USB 1.1 on Model 721, USB 2.0 Table 1.

Page 120 Updated July 14, 2008 GA27-4004 GA27-4004 GA27-4004 GA27-4004 GA27-4004 GA27-4004 SurePOS 700 Series: SurePOS 700-721/741/781, 722/742/782 Hardware Service Guide... v IBM VGA monitors (CRT and LCD) v Industry-standard PC keyboards, mice, and printers... Page 53 Updated July 14, 2008 Figure 23. Model 721 has five screws.

Page 141 When you send comments to IBM, you grant IBM a nonexclusive right to use or distribute your comments in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to November 21, 2016 Make WordPress default to WebM first. Ensure that the cables with cable arm assembly is properly secured by freely moving the arm backward and forward. Determine which hard disk drive has failed by opening the detected hard drive (see Figure 64).

Page 107 Assembly 2: (continued) Updated July 14, 2008 Asm– Part Description Index Number Units 2– The following cover assemblies include the modesty cover: –1 41A3588 1 Narrow top cover assembly; Removal and replacement procedures ... 25 Before you begin . Air vents must not be blocked, and the vents must have two inches of clearance from cabinet walls, trash cans, and papers.

See Figure 22 on page 34 and remove the screws D from the front of the unit that hold the CD-ROM C in place. 5.

The 4690 controllers provide terminal support in the form of terminal loading, price lookup, and transaction logging. Removing the cable guide To replace: 5. S July 12, 2015 at 9:06 pm | ReplyApologies for that, I’ll update the article accordingly. See C in Figure 41 Chapter 2.

Page 39: System And Driver Support, Operating Systems, Drivers, Bios BIOS SurePOS 720 use a technology that allows an upgradeable BIOS. Removing the front USB card ......61 53. Touching only the top corners of the memory module, align the connector tabs and press down firmly. To reinstall: 1.

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